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Importance of page speed? 
You may have heard that page speed is important, but why is it really important? Page speed is critical to your business for many reasons. 

 1. Users hate pages loading slowly 
 Pages need to load quickly due to the rapid growth of the Internet. Because users want their information to be quick, they expect the pages to load in less than a second. 
 Companies with slow loading pages are losing potential customers. Users don't want them to wait for their pages to load.Your prospects will be looking for alternative websites that load faster than yours if your website is slow. 

 Mobile visitors are particularly concerned about page speed. Mobile users often search for answers quickly and perform their searches on mobile devices. It is important that your page loads quickly so that people can stay on your website and get more information about your business. 

 2. Slow pages are less popular with users. 
Users spend less time on your website if your page takes too long to load. You don't wait for pages to load even if your page loads first. 

 Your pages are taking too long to load and will result in loss.You can lose leads if your pages load too slowly. This is known as the bounce rate. 
 This can negatively affect the ranking of your website and make it difficult for you to reach a wider audience. Make sure your pages load quickly so your leads stay interested and engaged. 
 3. This may affect your conversion rate 
 Your page speed may affect your conversion rate. Your company's goal is to generate conversions.A slow loading website is not going to help you make money as your potential customers will be leaving it. 
 Since the page loads quickly and walks you through each step, users will convert. Users don't have to wait for the page to load before making a purchase. 
 4. This Can Affect Your SEO Ranking 
 When using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), page speed is a crucial element. Google has started making page speed a top ranking factor for SEO users. 

Google won't rank your website higher if it loads too slowly to reach more potential customers.Your SEO ranking will improve if your pages load quickly. 
Search engine rankings and lead generation are influenced by the loading speed of your website pages. You will get more leads for your business by improving page speed. 
5. This can affect your Quality Score 

 Are you running a Payperclick (PPC) campaign? Page speed can affect the Quality Score of your ad. 
 Your Maximum Bid and Quality Score determine where your ads will be placed in a PPC campaign. Your Quality Score drops, which can lower your ad position and potentially increase your cost-per-click (CPC).