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Want to see how many external and internal links are linking to your site? The Links Count Checker is a tool that will help you determine how many links are linking to your website from both internal and external sources. This tool allows you to check how many outgoing or incoming links are linking to a particular website page. To find the number of links linking to a specific page, you will need to simply copy or paste the URL into the box.


The Links Count checker can be used for many purposes. One is to verify that external links back to your site pages are valid and another to determine their quality. Excessive outgoing links are bad for SEO, as you probably know. This tool checks for links on your website that lead to other pages on the internet. The Links Count Checker can be used if your website allows users to publish content and leave links to other pages. The Links Count Checker allows you to count all links on your website, both outgoing and inbound.