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About What is my Browser

About My Browser

Are you looking to find out the settings of your browser, including HTML5 capabilities and CSS3?You don't have to look far, because the What's My Browser tool will do it all.It will help you identify your browser and show you its plugins.It can use different libraries to determine which browser you are using. You can also use the What Is My Browser tool to determine if your browser is outdated and does not support the latest technologies.It just means that you will be able to see if your browser needs to be updated whether you are using Google Chrome, Opera Firefox, Safari or Firefox.


You can ensure that your browser is safe by using the What Is My Browser. An old browser can be vulnerable to hacker, malware and other cyber criminals.Protect your PC from Internet vulnerabilities by using a safeand a modern browser with functions and features that are more secure against hackers and cybercriminals. You can also view the settings of your browser using the What Is My Browser tool.


This tool is free and does not require installation.Why are browser information so important? You may be aware that browsers each have their own capabilities. This means there could be some differences in the experience you get.A website may not load properly on some browsers, but it may work for some. You can identify technical problems in your browser by using the What Is My Browser tool. What are you waiting to do?Get the What's mine browser today!